Beethoven Fest: Opening Night

You can still watch the recorded live-streaming of the Opening Night concert. Pianist and Artistic Director Francesca Khalifa performed Op. 109 and Op. 110 live from St. John's in the Village in New York City, on December 18th 2020.




Italian pianist Francesco Di Marco performs the beloved Sonata Op. 31 No. 2, The Tempest.

Beethoven Fest: Lecture

Conductor Joseph Jones presents a lecture on "Beethoven: Timeless Titan, Hero for Humanity".

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German pianist Marcus Baban performs Beethoven's last Sonata Op. 111. Live from Koln, Germany. This event was originally scheduled for December 20th. Due to CODIV-19  and strict lockdown rules in Germany, a new date will be posted in January.

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